A Wizard, The Savior, & How Harry Makes Me Love Jesus Is Magical
Reading, Praying, & Why I Am Encouraged By Other’s Failures
My Family, My Friends, & The Dead Guy That Keeps Screwing Things Up
Prostitutes, Pharisees, & Beethoven’s Pathetic Song
Jesus Christ, Johnny Cash, & Why My Daughter’s Eternity Is Secure
TV, The BBC, & A Sorcerer That Brought Me Closer To Jesus
The Flesh, The Spirit, & A Nasty Little Creature Named Rags
Jonah, Jesus, & I Think I Hate My Neighbor
My Abundance of Stress, My Lack of Control, & the Old Man Who Prayed
Teenagers, Wayne Grudem, & The 1958 Billboard Hot 100
My Mom, Leftovers, & Why Spotify Reminds Me That I Need Jesus